August 29, 2014

In the autumn of 2014 the new high heels

Want to decorate your beautiful legs, besides the collocation of ultra-high skills to have you also need a pair of "beautiful high heels, but also must christian louboutin sale outlet be pointy shoes! Fashion the cusp shoe of restoring ancient ways is unleashing waves upsurge, the classic example of forever is the brand in the fashion. Versace2014 early autumn sheet is tasted, after metal rivets and swarovski ornament of high-heeled shoes, is absolutely your christian louboutin outlet sale legs.

Let people full of fantasy swarovski jewelry ornament shines on shoes, slim and delicate wedge shape, smooth line shape, wrap your feet out delicate.christian louboutin outlet shoes Thin high heels is a representative of the women's elegant, sexy and elegant. Like Versace enthusiasts absolutely not to miss a joker sheet is tasted. Tie-in dress in and feast, tie-in jeans all show the youth.

The cusp shoe design is quite atmosphere, delicate design of serpentine is more big, the foot after quite a brim, can easily show the sexy euramerican style. christian louboutin online outlet Woman's life must have the cusp shoe of a pair of special character, otherwise, I'm sorry to this in time.

This temperament OL van pointy shoes is definitely a good choice for girls, especially pointed shoes the color, special foil the color of skin, foot embedded elegant and noble luster, dot the nods eyeball pen of also nots allow to ignore, sweet and christian louboutin discount outlet sexy style, make you a dignified and elegant goddess.

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August 25, 2014

Women are high heels control recommended two beautiful foot guard again

Women can't resist the temptation of high heels, christian louboutin sale outlet because wear it compensates for lack of petite, on the other hand also because of the high heels can make women looks more elegant and noble. But often wear high heels is very easy to cause foot blister long cocoon, christian louboutin outlet sale even a sprained ankle, so women how to wear high heels more healthy?

Wear high-heeled shoes really can increase the person's aura, but also skilled in choose high-heeled shoes, a looser shoes more comfortable head will make your toes, christian louboutin outlet shoes so try to avoid wearing pointy shoes. In addition, when you sit at a desk, or the normal rest at home, you can take off shoes, bending and stretching the calf muscles, or practice yoga, help relax tight calf, so to relieve pain due to wear high heels very helpful.

Many beautiful high-heeled shoes may be christian louboutin online outlet because the sole is too slippery and make it much easier to fall or sprain, so you can find the shoemakers add a layer of a solid rubber sole, this kind of cheap adjustment will let you get great benefits. In addition, when you feel tired, took off his shoes and a good to a massage,christian louboutin discount outlet foot on a tennis ball, and then roll it back and forth, each foot massage 2-3 minutes, can prevent foot very well through the membrane.

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August 22, 2014

Red bottom shoes women can't quit smoking drugs: the road to fame

Believe that many people have heard of the christian louboutin sale outlet little red bottom high heels, Christian Louboutin, it makes Hollywood stars for its fascination, Angelina jolie or putting Victoria, and so on are fascinated. In detail the pursue is perfect, it is very strict, will be half of the sand. And today, scarlet sole has become the ultimate luxury a branded shoes, Christian Louboutin shoes for women, like a drug that christian louboutin outlet sale cannot replace.

Mr Christian Louboutin found shoes beauty at the age of 13. When Paris in the recovery period, small Christian can not resist the lure of the world, every day he clubs,christian louboutin outlet shoes see performing dancer on the stage, the dream of high heels, "for the dancing girls, the shoes is one of the most important, should not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can let people noticed at first sight. I at that time, the idea is very simple, is to let the girls put on my christian louboutin online outlet make, than their feet more comfortable and beautiful shoes."

At the age of 16, the life of Christian made a first pair of shoes, but the big trouble, under the referral of a friend, he came to the Follies and Charles's apprenticeship, creative talent + + christian louboutin discount outlet confidence that he successively in the Chanel as a freelancer, YSL, independent of the cobbler.

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August 11, 2014

Red bottom shoes to be bestowed favor on newly.

According to England "daily mail" reported on August 7,red bottom shoes accompanied Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) propaganda new Disney sleeping "curse" (MalefiCEnt) around Europe's red carpet of Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin heels breakthrough in the history of the lowest price, cheap red bottom shoes now only need $1600 can buy such a pair of beautiful high heels.

The shoes by Christian louboutin jointly designed and Angelina, impose wedge heel horn decoration, like plumes, and toe with mesh plate decoration. These shoes have a total red bottoms shoes of three color optional, black, white and gold. This discount activity is the lowest price for these shoes,red bottom shoes for women even make to order each pair is only $1600. And part of the sales will be donated to Angelina keen to charity, SOS.

Angelina jolie as the shoes designers, cheap red bottom shoes is also a big fans of the shoes. On May 6, the media meeting in Paris, she wore a pair of black, and her whole body black dress supplement each other, showing her usual thin capable aura. Meeting in London on May 9, Angelina jolie, chose the white model, match her dotted with black bird figure Bai Sequn, smooth add a lot of women for her taste.

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August 08, 2014

In the summer of 2014 platform shoes Can't think of high-profile is difficult!

Ithe summer of 2014, han han lovely platform shoes to return to the red bottom shoes line of sight of people, both stars and type, platform shoes are the focus of the shape. Once upon a time, the platform shoes is fashionable type of people cheap red bottom shoes do not want to contact one of the item.

Fashion in samsara, the large base shoe type has become people's heart of love, Prada, Prada, Chanel (Chanel) and Underground red bottoms shoes brands have launched a large base shoe, and an upsurge in popular agitation platform shoes. To wear high-heeled shoes, of course, again afraid not comfortable for girls, platform shoes is the best choice,red bottom shoes for women not only can meet the demand of you "grow", long legs, and not bring comfortable feeling.

Can not HOLD teetering heels? In the face of "heels" fear in the heart? That can put a vacation to high heels, choose more comfortable wedge shoes or platform shoes easy generation class! cheap red bottom shoes Large base shoe with the biggest characteristics is a comfortable and convenient, it has extremely strong leisure comfortable feeling. In either with skirt or pants on collocation, can perfect fusion, also can to a certain extent, modify legs, and was deeply loved by the masses of small girls.

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August 07, 2014

Learn actress for a luxury brand high heels to wear by starting with the feet

For the modern urban white-collar women, high heels is a "unspeakable pain". No matter go to work, shopping, travel,red bottom shoes for men high heels are on any occasion can modify women leg ministry line, but will it as an ultimate fashion aesthetics. However, almost all women in high heels "tired feet", "pain", "can't walk far", "easy" and other problems, more medicine, according to the long-term wearing high heels for women foot and leg can cause some red bottoms shoes damage.

In order to wear high heels at the same time, reduce the resulting discomfort,cheap red bottom shoes and some women choose to "spend high price buy good shoes", urban white-collar miss wang said, "buy a good shoes is more important than anything, often want to spend my half a monthly salary water, may be much better than ordinary shoes, but it's not perfect."

Recently, a new kind of footwear to define "comfortable high heels"red bottom shoes  the consumers and the media attention. The concept is put forward by innovative shoes brand le think of worldly pleasures, and was the first to put into practice. "Comfortable high heels" means, in the process of high-heeled shoes manufacturing, complete with reference to the Asian women skeletal features, setting up reasonable slope based on the human body mechanics, design the most appropriate red bottom shoes for women focus, let the women wear high heels to ease the pain to the greatest extent at the same time, improve comfort, truly "gets" heel effect.

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